When I was ordained as a Permanent Catholic Deacon in 2004, Gerry and Kristin gave me a simple greeting card.  Inside it read: “DeaconRey.com… it’s yours.”  What a great gift.  A URL.  A website.  A way to express myself in whatever way I wanted… and to the whole world.  This, I learned, is not an easy thing to do.  It takes a willingness to take some risks, persistence and not a small dose of ego to create and maintain a personal website.  In any event, here it is.  As you’ll no doubt recognize, it’s a constant work in progress.

You’ll see large scale lapses in the timeline.  That’s a function of changing blogging platforms and losing some original content as well as the fact that for many years in the interim, I didn’t write down homilies, choosing instead to compose them in thought and prayer only.  Once delivered, they quickly faded from memory.

I hope you’ll consider following deaconrey.com and please feel free to comment on these posts.

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